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Versuri Chaos (In Your Face)

So I hate you Much resentment and pain just drains So I revel alone in the madness inside my brain I tell you now I don't know how I don't feel these metal wounds within Will never heal My deal was to be alone That ain't as sad as the fact of being bad This world's gone mad to the chaos we add Listen up to what I'm about to say You preach peace stop the hate Useless youth feels only Frustration rising inside inside Hate still burning inside inside Chaos will hit you in your face Chaos in your face Chaos in your face Life on the streets is rough Right or wrong you must be tough Crime seems like the only way Down the wrong path you'll become a prey Chaos in your face Chaos in your face Chaos runs wild on the streets A large part of Me's defeat Major cause of our downfall Something I can't ignore Sometimes I imagine what I'm going to see Troubles and turmoils fate's got a hold on me Fuck that Chaos in your face Chaos in your face This time you've gone too far Sentiments there are no more This ends justify my means This ends in that which I believe I clench my fist to you I'm right here What you gonna do You ain't tough You ain't nothing punk So let's throw down and show what you got

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