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From the Album: * No promises no debts I’m in bed and she’s bending over in a beam of d-light You all know the sight Things I can’t seem to forget gettin’ drunk and wet In a pool of delight She slips between the sheets and me I can’t resist I can’t fight when she turns on the d-light Achievin’ that feelin’ that makes my body glow Turn on the d-light Everything sugar and spice When you turn on the d-light Baby better keep it alive Baby gotta keep it alive Back in bed there’s no conversation Just the mellow sound of a sleepy town And I can’t sleep yet Wanna make a bet There’s a million people in the wold Waitin’ for it to come around Everybody’s growin’ up Everybody’s talkin’ slow Everybody’s takin’ big steps where… I don’t know Believe in what your dreamin’ Cause there won’t be anywhere else to go…..

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