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Drinkin' in the pub just the other night, this girl comes up to me and says what would ya like? I said another beer another pitcher or two. Drank a few more rounds and the night was through! This is your brain, this is your brain on ska! This is your brain, this is your brain on ska! Dancin' on the floor just hoppin' and skankin'... D.J. on the mic won't stop crankin'. Give me any music that'll move my feet, give me any music with a two-tone beat! Pork pie hats, and Fred Perry shirts, drinkin' cheap beer and chasin' skirts! But what it's really all about is plain to see: simply havin' fun and unity!

Album versuri melodia piesa melodiei album. Ultima melodie cantece Mustard Plug cantece versurile versurile versuri Brain On Ska muzica straina cuvintele.

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