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Versuri Moneen

  1. versuri Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now
  2. versuri To Say Something That Means Nothing To Anyone At All
  3. versuri What The Weatherman Forgot To Tell You
  4. versuri With This Song I Will Destroy Myself
  5. versuri The Passing Of America
  6. versuri The Start To This May Be The End To Another
  7. versuri No Better Way To Show Your Love Than A Set Of Broken Legs
  8. versuri Start Angry End Mad
  9. versuri I Have Never Done Anything For Anyone That Was Not For Me As Well
  10. versuri I Wish I Was There To See The Way It Was Supposed To Be
  11. versuri How To Live With The Thought That Sometimes Life Ends
  12. versuri Half Empty Half Full I Never Got A Glass To Start With

Piesa Moneen mp3 versurile cantece versuri versuri album melodia mp3. Cantece.

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