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[Missy - singing] I know some of y'all sick of songs y'all be hearin on the radio- ohhhh (ohhh!) So me and Timbaland gon' give that shit you never heard before (shit you never heard before-ohhh) It's like drinkin liquor or weed or X whatever does you the best My beats, are so (sooooo) addic-hictive [Tweet] C'mon get krunk with me [Missy] See if you're ridin down the street and you're bout to roll that shit up [Tweet] You don't need drugs or weed [Missy] Oh nah you ain't smokin that stank shit up in my car Get your feet off my dashboard [Tweet] C'mon get krunk with me [Missy] Oh yeah you wanna get krunk though? Well pop this CD in right here and take a hit of me [singing] My album is so, addic-hictive [Missy] My album is so addictive {*echoes} Man bump this ballad shit

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