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Love Story A lost soul, He lives but hardly talks He is waiting for her, In front of this photo of former times He, he is not crazy He believes it, that's all He sees her everywhere Standing, he is waiting for her A rose in his hand, Apart from her, he is expecting nothing Nothing around him makes sense And the air feels heavy An absent expression, He is alone, he often talks to her He, He is not crazy He loves her, that's all He sees her everywhere, Standing, he is waiting for her A rose in his Hand, No, nothing can hold him back now In his love story In his love story In his love story His love story Take my hand Promise me that everything will be fine Hold me tight Next to you, I still dream, Yes, yes I want to stay, But I don't know how to love anymore, I've been too stupid, Please, stop, stop How much I regret, no, I didn't want all this, I would be rich and And I'll offer you all my gold If you don't care, I I, I'll be waiting for you in the port, If you ignore me I, will offer you my last breathe of life, In my love story In my love story In my love story My love story A candle Can illuminate the night A smile Can build an empire And there is you And there is me, And nobody believes in it, But love makes a fool turn into a king And if you ignore me, I'd fight again and again It's your love story It's your love story It's the story of a life Love story Shouts of joy Some tears, we're going We live in this love story Love story Love story Love story Love story...

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