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Bridge:(2x) You can call it what you want, glad I let you go, I know that I'm better off, better off alone. Verse 1: I'm better off without you, I thought I knew you, Didn't know the real you, It turns out the past was tensing up And now that your gone, I'm better off alone. Pre-chorus: You can call me what you want But I don't give a fuck, no I don't give a fuck, fuck, You can call me how you want But I don't give a fuck, no I don't give a, give a fuck. Chorus: Hey, take me far away, Oh oh oh, take me far away, Hey, take me far, far, Oh oh oh, take me far away. Verse 2: What's the point of waiting, Anticipated, thinking your changing, When you don't give a damn about me, It's obvious, I'm better off alone.

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