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Versuri Your too cool

I know that your not too enthused, you've got just me around all night, I'm totally boring, I don?t interest you at all to say the least. You think I'm made up of straight lines, always contradict myself, I'm not stupid I'm not smart it's like I'm not even there at all. Got to talk over... sounds of people sucking face and I?ve got nothing left to say. I can take a stupid chance, I hear people sucking face, I feel so out of place... Why don?t you treat me fair, stick your nose in the air, and act like I?m in the way... I can guarantee, your as much a loser as me, and you?ll realize one day. On the way out of your life. Of your life... On the way out of your life. Of your life... (x2) On the way out of your life...

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