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Versuri Your light

(Ulrich Roth) When you're feeling lost and blue When there is no love for you You'll find him and it's all right It's all right, it's all right When you're feeling down and low When you've got no place to go And when no one smiles hello He's by your side, you know When you're getting deaf and blind When you drag one leg behind And when you're finally gonna Lose your mind It's all right, it's all right It's all right 'Cause he is by your side 'Cause he will be your guide 'Cause he will be your light And you're not alone, you're not alone You're not alone, you're not alone

Versuri versuri muzica album piesa muzica descarca. Your light Scorpions piesa muzica straina cantece Rock melodia piesa ultima melodie cuvinte.

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