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Versuri Young Lust

I am just a new boy, Stranger in this town. Where are all the good times? Who's gonna show this stranger around? Ooooh, I need a dirty woman. Ooooh, I need a dirty girl. Will some cold woman in this desert land Make me feel like a real man? Take this rock and roll refugee Oooh, baby set me free. Ooooh, I need a dirty woman. Ooooh, I need a dirty girl. [Phone rings..Clink of receiver being lifted] Hello..? Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Floyd from Mr. Floyd. Will you accept the charges from United States? [clunk! of phone being put down] Oh, He hung up! That's your residence, right? I wonder why he hung up? Is there supposed to be someone else there besides your wife there to answer? [Phone rings again...clunk of receiver being picked up] Hello? This is United States calling, are we reaching... [interrupted by phone being put down] See he keeps hanging up, and it's a man answering. [whirr of connection being closed]

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