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Versuri Young Dallas Cowboy

By David Allan Coe Well, I've hiked through the sage brush, I ran up some rail I slept on the bench in a few county jails And they laugh as they knocked all the wind from my sail When I was a young Dallas Cowboy I've tried hard to tackle the problems at hand I've kicked a few habits, and I've marched to the band I tried hard to follow the lady of the land When I was a young Dallas Cowboy I've made a few passes that weren't incomplete I stumbled through yards on my way to the street Running from beds where I did more than sleep When I was a young Dallas Cowboy (Talk) Well, he tackled the bottle and he fumbled the ball And he'd touchdown in alleys along where he'd fall Just wait for his son to make up for it all When I was a young Dallas Cowboy When I was a baby, he broke up the team Divorcing my Mama to live with a dream He had back in college when he was still green And I was a young Dallas Cowboy Now the footballs I held did not fit in my hand Got me a guitar and I've got me a band So don't put me down when I'm taking my stand Be proud of this young Dallas Cowboy Yeah I'm proud I'm a young Dallas Cowboy Be proud of those young Dallas Cowboys

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