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Versuri You hurt me (and i hate you)

Well the sun came up this morning Like a burning red balloon It broke into my window And it slipped across the room It spread itself upon me Like the smell of sweet perfume I was sleeping like a baby I'm not a saviour I'm not a saint I'm not an angel I'm not that quaint Don't need a preacher To be that wise Don't need a teacher - I've got my eyes... You hurt me & I hate you You hurt me A history of bitterness You have left a blazing trail If you had been a hammer I'd be a broken nail You gave me nothing - Nothing but regrets Don't think it's over - It's not over yet You hurt me & I hate you You hurt me... And everytime You try to fool yourself You've only got yourself To blame And every lie you ever Told yourself Will all come back to you One day

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