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Versuri You are

I used to be afraid of love I used to be alone Never thought I'd find someone to lean upon But like a blessing from above You came into my life When my faith was gone Somehow you found me You took my hand when I was lost Embraced me with your love In your arms is where I belong You are my shelter My tears and laughter The sunlight and the wind You are my angel You are the joy that love can bring... Love will grow and take us high Love has just begun And I do believe Nothing can bring us down And I can see it in your eyes The flame will never fade Cause in my heart I know I'll be there beside you To hold you when you're down and out Embrace you with my love Cause in my heart is where you belong You are my one and only You are my everything Your endless love sorrounds me You are the joy that love can bring You are my angel Yes you are!

Muzica cuvinte melodiei muzica straina. Pop mp3 album Laura Pausini You are versuri cantece ultima melodie muzica versuri versurile.

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