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You Will Move Lyrics Maybe I should just kill you now. When we turn our backs on our consciousness we put more than ourselves at risk. I could kill you. I could burn your eyes and hop the next train so you could never find your precious new life. What drove you not to create but to destroy your life? The second seems like it's speeding up. Window fogged with lifelessness and I can barely see through it. No thanks. You will move. When you smell it burning down you will move. In the midst of the conformity of the work world, sometimes the act of arguing with the newspapers or evening news is our only indication that we are still alive and kicking with an open mind. Once we forget to be outraged by injustice in the world and begin concerning ourselves only with our jobs, we forget what it is to be human. This song is about the war with myself in the struggle to find meaningful work while being surrounded by conflicting values and opinions. It is a reminder to feel.

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