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Versuri You My Girl

The mistakes that I made in my life me strong Made me right never wrong keeps me writing my songs Cause I know you my girl cause of you here comes me Out your wound duplicate just like you makes me sick Just in time you my girl you my angel my world Shining down at my life got my back don't think twice When in need of your help if i'm wrong got your belt But only you Uesirah had respect for your job And your heart and your soul and your house and your goal To your friends and your kins even sick didn't quit What's the thanks that you get for the time that you spent Raising kids paying bills talking shit paying rent But i'm gon shine for you girl make you smile at me girl Smile so bright like the sun for your girls and your son You my moms I love you I thank you for having me Even gone you live on live through me make em see [Chorus Vanc] You're my girl When no one was there for me You're my girl When nobody cared for me You're my girl And no one can take that away from me You're my girl And even though you're gone You're my girl Through me you still live on You're my girl You taught me how to be strong You're my girl Calling up on the phone just to talk hear my voice Talk so much just like me I talk you all night have no choice Telling jokes bout the kids how they bad things we did When I was young having fun me and yall pulling stun Nigawauna having fights cuss us out hit the lights Had it all thanks to you extra strong thanks to you Take it all thanks to you standing tall thanks to you Glad I was picked for you you my girl and its true I was mad when you left didn't get a chance to see you go Now you back platinum strong live through me make em know I'm your girl baby girl and you did this for me You my girl favorite girl live through me make em see (Chorus) Oh don't you know I miss you I need you here with me To walk with me And to talk to me Oh yea All right Now these words are for you let you know I love you With all my heart and my soul through these words Let you know lets them know you my girl No matter what I'm your child and through me they can see You live on through my smile through my kids your grandkids Through my will and you hopes if I go out bless them off Live through me make em see you my girl (don't you know) You my girl (Chorus till fade)

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