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1349 Times of decay Pestilence Blood Supreme The years of sickening souls Can you feel the breath upon your neck Hear the cruel voice of the old Revealing the flesh of the dead The evil grin of the plague I remember these times of great sorrow These years of deep pain A land lied in a veil of solitude Faces pale as the moon Stalking the landscape in the shape of an oak Misery loves company One could hear the violin play A single dead tune Marking the age of the dead One nation lost in the claws of an oak So foul that her gaze alone would make one freeze in torment Lying on the deathbed with an empty stare Only preparing for the journey to the other side Nine long nights and days on the path of no return Ttowards the realm they all know and fear: helheim [MUSIC: V'gandr] [LYRICS: V'gandr]

Helheim versuri asculta versuri asculta mp3 Yersinia Pestis. Melodiei melodiei asculta mp3 ultima melodie muzica straina versurile.

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