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Versuri World Still Turns

[INTRO:] Oh oh Oh wah oh Oh oh oh [1a:] If there was a chance To save our broken romance I'd let it go 'Cos now I know That life doesn't end You can start again All isn't gone Just carry on Be your own best firend [1b:] It's easy to survive Now that I finally realise that [CHORUS:] The world still turns The stars still shine The way they did when you were mine A broken heart Is a lesson learned Though we're apart Baby the world still turns [2:] I couldn't believe That you were going to leave Without a care Heading somewhere elsewhere Ohh my aching heart Never thought that we would part What could I do - my love for you I as honest from the start Time takes away the pain And the sun will shine again, cause [CHORUS:] [1b:] [CHORUS:] [repeat & fade]

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