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Chorus: Words, they cut like a knife Cut into my life I don't want to hear your words They always attack Please take them all back If they're yours I don't want anymore You think you're so smart You try to manipulate me You try to humiliate with your words You think you're so chic You write me beautiful letters You think you're so much better than me Bridge: But your actions speak louder than words And they're only words, unless they're true Your actions speak louder than promises You're inclined to make and inclined to break (chorus) You think you're so shrewd You try to bring me low You try to gain control with your words (bridge) (chorus) Friends they tried to warn me about you He has good manners, he's so romantic But he'll only make you blue How can I explain to them How could they know I'm in love with your words Your words You think you're so sly I caught you at your game You will not bring me shame with your words (bridge) (chorus) Too much blinding light Your touch, I've grown tired of your words Words, words A linguistic form that can meaningfully be spoken in isolation Conversation, expression, a promise, a sigh In short, a lie A message from heaven, a signal from hell I give you my word I'll never tell Language that is used in anger Personal feelings signaling danger A brief remark, an utterance, information Don't mince words, don't be evasive Speak your mind, be persuasive A pledge, a commitment, communication, words

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