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Versuri Wonderland

If you could feel How I must feel The winds of quiet change If you could see What I must see Still hidden in the rain But when the thunder rolls It comes and covers up my soul And you will take my hand And be with me in wonderland Chorus I am an honest man I need the love of you I am a working man I feel the winter too If you could hear What I must hear Then nothing would replace The fifty years of sweat and tears That never left a trace But when I look at you I see You feel the same way too And you will take my hand and be With me in wonderland Chorus You still remember other days When every head was high I watched that pride be torn apart Beneath a darker sky With innocence within ourselves We sing the same old song And you will take my hand And make believe it's wonderland I need the love of you I am a working man I feel the winter too Chorus Wonderland (four times, fading out)

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