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She belongs there, left with her liberty Never known as a non-believer She laughs and stays in the Won- won- wonderful She knew how to gather the forest when God reached softly and moved her body One golden locket quite young And loving her mother and father Farther down the path was a mystery Through the recess the chalk and numbers A boy bumped into her Won- won- won- wonderful Na na na na na na na Hey bobba reba ----Everybody should Wa bobba lee Just start collecting Hey bobba reba Oh yeah Wa bobba lee Kept a-comin on Hey bobba Just to be a cool guy Hey bobba He bobba reba Don't think you're God He bobba reba Vibrations Go for a ride Wa bobba lee Just go for a He bobba reba Just keep goin Wa bobba lee Said it Just keep goin' Hey bobba All you gotta do is Hey bobba Cool it vibrations He bobba reba Ah just gotta do it vibrate la la Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba She'll return in love with her liberty Never known as a non-believer She'll smile and thank God For one won- won- wonderful Na na na na na na na versuri melodia Wonderful cantece muzica straina piesa melodia cuvinte Beach Boys. Mp3 versuri cuvinte cantece cuvintele.

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