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Versuri Windy

I never should have told you everything I did 'cause maybe you might still like me you were my love for that entire day but I lost you to a windy street so go ahead and marry her don't mind me that's what I get for being blind I never meant for you to drive so far away just 'cause I was on your mind, I was on your mind I have so many things I still want to say now I know I never will 'cause your much to busy making plans with her did you notice I adored you still? so go head and marry her it's what you want I hope that your forever stays but sometimes I imagined that I did things right I wish I could have made you wait, I wish you'd wait I still remember the feel of your coat when you smiled and said, Ok and your eyes that said, goodbye and the way they cried all night, I blame that night so go ahead and marry her she's really nice she's everything that I can't be I just hope that somewhere in your wedded bliss you find the time to think of me, I hope you think of me

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