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[Intro] The top feels so much better than the bottom So much better [Chorus] Ja you's a window shopper Mad at me, I think I know why Jada you's a window shopper In the jewelery store, looking at shit you can't buy Joe you's a window shopper In the dealership, trying to get a test-drive Nas you's a window shopper Mad as fuck when you see me ride by [Verse 1] Summertime white Porche Carrera is milky I'm on the grind let my paper stack when I'm filthy Funny how a nigga get the screw facing at me Anyhow, they ain't got the heart to get at me I'll get down, southsides the hood that I come from So I don't cruise to nobody's hood without my gun You know the kid ain't gonna follow that bullshit Try and stick me I'mma let off a full clip It ain't my fault you done fucked up you re-up At the dice game who told you put a G up Everybody mad when their paper don't stack right When I come around y'all niggas better act right When we got the tops down, you can hear the system thump When we rollin' rollin' rollin' Shut your block down, quick to put a hole in a chump Nigga when rollin' rollin' rollin' [Chorus] [Verse 2] Niggas love me in L.A. as soon as I pop in They come scoop me up in LAX and I hop in When it comes to bad bitches you know I got them Some from Long Beach, some from Watts, some from Compton You know nigga wanna see how cali girls freak off After that 5 hour flight from New York I start spitting G as bitch like a pimp man Tell her meet me at the magarane so we can do our thing She can bring the lingerie with her I suppose And we can go from fully dressed to just having no clothes She can run and tell her best friend bout my sex game Her best friend could potentially be next man Listen man, shit changed I came up from doing my thing Homey I'm holing, holing, holing Shit man, the store owner watching you For something get stolen, stolen, stolen [Chorus]

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