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Versuri Willy use a billy... boy

Oh Willy Willy use a Billy Don't be silly Oh baby, sex is joy But use a Billy Boy Oh Willy use a Billy Skilly Willy A Billy for your thrilly toy Oh use a Billy Boy Rap: So you want sex sex sex With your ex And it won't cost you any tax But Willy you better care for sure And use a Billy With your long ding dong Ding a dong She'll find our you're the number one So go man go and use your toy But not without a Billy Boy Oh Willy I want a sweet vanilly Billy Boy Rap: So move your hip hop hips Kiss her lips Just let me give you some good tips It's not enough makin' love to her You need a Billy When you come oh come Have your fun Cos she's so hip, and she's no nun So Willy don't make her feel annoyed When you forgot your Billy Boy Oh Willy Willy use a Billy... melodia muzica straina versuri versuri cuvinte album. Willy use a billy... boy piesa cantece E rotic versurile descarca mp3 descarca.

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