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Wife in Law Lyrics feat. Jaheim [Jaheim] Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Yeah yeah yeah yeah... Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah... Jah and Busta-Bus (Heh) Jaheim and Busta baby (Heh) Jah and Busta baby... [Busta Rhymes] Yeah.. wife in law, my bitch for the triflin whore Type of bitch to make a nigga get the right things for Bitch sexy, and beautiful, and gangsta, and golden Love to fuck a nigga till the pussy dry and swollen My lil' bitch had a figure like a wine glass Slim bitch stackin like a muhfucker with a fine ass Word to mother; bitch nasty like me Love to fuck a nigga in places where people could see The bitch send a chill like cold freezin a nigga The way she holdin and bitin and suckin and squeezin a nigga Down and dirty bitch never dick teasin a nigga Got her own paper and focused on pleasin a nigga She ain't out for gettin a nigga or fuckin my life She only wanna fuck a nigga while he fuckin his wife There was nuttin she couldn't achieve In the mornin bitch was across the street waitin for wifey to leave Called me on the cell while the wife was runnin a bath She can't wait for me to fuck her, till I cum in her ass Just a long-time chick I used to fuck from the past She love to out-fuck a nigga, see how long I could last It be nice the way she always let me dig in her rib The bitch fuck a nigga like she wanna move in my crib Bitch I always knew ya ass was a star In the daytime, whippin the droptop, givin me head in my car [Chorus - Jaheim] When a woman needs love, just like you do Oh, don't kid yourself, into thinkin that you don't Cuz she will fool around, just like you do Ohh, don't kid yourself, into thinkin that she won't [Busta Rhymes] C'mere bitch and place ya pussy right where it belong And put me in the mood to fuck just like a Jodeci song I love the little freaky shit you be approachin me on Dick all in ya mouth, you know what type of shit I be on The way the pussy lock feel like we about to be stuck All outside busy, givin me the balcony fuck Hold on get up off of me quick Bitch grab the X.O. and suck the Hennessey up off of my dick So quick, so fast, bitch'll come out her skirt Fuck a nigga till it hurt, while the wifey at work The bitch'll even call her girl so I can fuck with her friend And fall asleep to wake up and start fuckin again Straigh nasty little bitch no horsin around The bitch even want me to fuck her when she walkin around Hold up, it's kinda ill how we be workin the caper She ain't only good for pussy, she be givin me paper Wife-in-law, my bitch be always keepin it raw Always slidin out before the wifey walk in the door They way she fuck me on straight for the night Wifey still ain't make it home, I wonder if she workin late for tonight Wifey actin funny style but I ain't fuckin with that She ain't call the crib so I wonder where wifey was at Hmmm.. shit kinda had me buggin before But now I laugh because wifey had a husband-in-law [Chorus] 2x Heh... Heh...

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