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Versuri Why It Hurts

Lonely it spreads its wings Eager to wake my fire Slowly circling over me Burning with deep desire I don't know why it hurts What the hell is it all about When I lie awake at night I feel it all 'round me Winding like the snake of old It's foul breath all about me I don't know why it hurts What the hell is it all about It fills my head with words But when I want to speak I don't know what to say I feel like shattered glass Is cutting at my very heart I long for it with every nerve It's tearing me apart I don't know why it is What the hell is it all about

Why It Hurts mp3 Coroner muzica straina versuri muzica asculta. Melodia versuri asculta asculta versurile melodiei versurile muzica cuvintele.

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