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Tell me, Jesus, are you angry? One more sheep has, just gone astray A hardening of hearts, turning to stone Wandering off, so far from home So many children, losing time Walk in darkness, looking for a sign Chasing their rainbows, the future looks so bright Slowly we're losing, Sight of the light WHO CARES? WHO CARES? WHO CARES? TELL ME WHO CARES? WHO CARES? All alone, out in the cold Can't look back, am I growing old I chose a path, is this my fate Am I finding out, the truth too late CHORUS Here I am, a naked man Nothing to hide with empty hands Remember me, I am the one Who lost his way, your Prodigal Son WHO CARES? WHO CARES? WHO CARES? TELL ME WHO CARES? WHO CARES? AM I EVER GONNA CHANGE WILL I ALWAYS STAY THE SAME SAY ONE THING THEN I DO THE OTHER SAME OLD SONG GOES ON FOREVER RISE, RISE 'N SHINE A NEW DAY IS COMING YES IT IS!

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