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White Shining Shining brightly Pure crystal snow White Oh, virgin White White Shining Shining brightly White Yeah, white Shining Shining bright Snow is crystal, the fire is cold I sit back, watch the sun turn gold In the morning, love is healing Warms the frost deep in my bones And then your mother said White White It's shining Shining bright White White Shining Shining brightly The hunter sits on a pure white stallion A hawk in flight, the bow in his hand A deer approaches at the edge of the forest The arrow flies, blood on the snow Said brother, said White Yeah, white Shining Shining brightly White White Shining Shining bright Blood on the snow Said brother, say White Shining Shining bright White White Shining Snow is crystal Love is pure I look out and see a hawk in flight The forest awaits me, the keel awaits me I reel back, watch the sun turn to gold Earth in the mother Said white Sure crystal clear, yeah, virgin white Wilderness, lost to us Wilderness, we reach out Wilderness, we must embrace you once more Yeah... White Shining brightly Snow is pure now When the barbarians approach on the frontiers of a civilization, it is a sign of a crisis in that civilization. When the barbarians come, not with weapons of war, but with songs and icons of peace. It is a sign of the crisis in one of a spiritual nature. That a spiritual nature. We have forgotten our spiritual nature. Cause we are wrapped up in too much shit all day, all night. White Shining bright White, yeah Kiss the earth, I said mother, said white Earth motherfucker, said white, ow Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah... White White, yeah Yeah, white Ooh, shining Shining bright Shining Shining brightly Earth mother Pure cool crystal virgin Said white Mmm-hmm White Oh, white Yeah, white White White Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Said white Natural earth mother White The snow virgin crystal White City draggin' me down That's grey Life is grey Gotta get the rhythm Don't tell me what I'm feelin', ow White Uh, white Uh, white Ooh yeah, white Funky white, ow Ooh, white, yeah

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