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Versuri Whiskey Girls

Long hair, flashing eyes The kind of hips that make you fantasize A slow smile, just meant to tease One look and you'll be weak at the knees They got my head in a whirl 'Cos I can't get enough of those whiskey girls They got the world at their fingertips With just a look and lick of the lips They understand the rhythm of the night I'm in a daze, I don't know wrong from right They got my head in a whirl 'Cos I can't get enough of those whiskey girls CHORUS Hypnotised - by the whiskey girls Compromised - out of this world Lord above, could this be love Ain't no doubt about it I'm crazy about the whiskey girls Whiskey girls are out on the town They'll break your heart, they'll bring you down Whiskey girls are out of control For just one touch you'd sell your soul The moon is high I'm getting out of the line Whishful thinking with a one track mind I'm having flashes, oh can't you see they're walking through my private fantasy Wearing only a necklace of pearls Those slow walking, long-legged whiskey girls CHORUS TWICE

Versuri melodiei muzica straina versuri album Whiskey Girls album ultima melodie. Versurile descarca cuvintele Electric Light Orchestra muzica mp3 cuvinte cantece asculta.

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