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Versuri Which One Of Them

The girl at the bar she bought me a beer And shed like to know if I'm new around here And the gal that I danced with says shes all alone Her friends have all left and she needs a ride home Oh and there have been others who gave me the eye But if they only knew they were wasting their time Cause theres only one lover I can give my heart to But you didn't want it and you broke it in two (chorus) (So tell me) which one of them will be you tonight Oh which one will hold me in your arms so tight I've forgotten whats wrong, given up on what's right (Tell me) which on of them will be you tonight So I'll just smile and pretend and she'll never know Who she's up against when she's holdin' me close You're all that I want, girl, you're all that I need And when I close my eyes, honey you're all I see (Repeat chorus)

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