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Versuri When you look at me

Verse 1 Youââ¬â¢re probably thinking that I want those things Cash, cars ââ¬â diamond rings Thinkinââ¬â¢ on my side the grass is green But you donââ¬â¢t know where I have been I could be a wolf in disguise I could be an angel in your eyes Never judge a book by itââ¬â¢s cover B Part I could be a crook or your lover I could be the one or the other If youââ¬â¢d look beneath youââ¬â¢d discover You just donââ¬â¢t know me! Hook Tell me who do you think you see Youââ¬â¢re standing in your corner looking out on me You think Iââ¬â¢m so predictable Tell me who do you think I am Looks can be deceiving Better guess again Tell me what you see When you look at me Verse 2 You look at your neighbor thinking ââ¬Ëwhat a guyââ¬â¢ Cuz heââ¬â¢s got a 9-5 And I bet that you donââ¬â¢t realize He stalks you while you sleep at night Yet youââ¬â¢re scared of the homeless guy Think heââ¬â¢s gonna wanna start a fight Never judge a book by its cover (Repeat B Part) Bridge (Talk) Now tell me, who do you think I am? Huh? You donââ¬â¢t even know me Well did you think about this (Repeat B Part)

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