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Versuri What About Me

Everything about you was so special I thought our love would last Standiing by your side Making me so strong 'Cause you were my man Whom I will always love Chorus: What about me? What about us? What all the things you said? What about me? What about me? What about love? What about all the things we had? What about me? Lies and secrets came into our life Our love faded away You closed the door Leaving me behind But what means a farewell? Is this the end? Chorus. Come summer with joy To ease my pain Come birds in the tree To sing me a song Come waves of the sey to take me away Com angels to be by my side

Pop What About Me Emilia cuvinte piesa descarca muzica album versuri melodia. melodia piesa muzica melodia versuri versurile muzica romaneasca.

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