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Versuri We did it again

*feat. Ja Rule Owwww... (yeah) Yeah we did it (its on fire) Yeah we did it (we are ready to rock this) Yeah we did it (uh uh ye got metallica,in here) Yeah we did it (ja rule,swiss the monster) Lets go: Just When you Though it was over Just When you though it was Done Just When you Though it was safe now... We did it,did it again We did it,did it again Fast Cars,Fast Brauds Cause im a rock and rollstar baby born in the usa im gonna hit the highway on my harley do about 38 nothin else but take it easy any woman what wont please me I'll give her up anytihng that wont touch me or move me ill give it up and i know your all seriouse we did it,did it again

Muzica straina cuvintele We did it again ultima melodie muzica Rock. Versurile descarca versuri mp3 melodia versuri Metallica.

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