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I was born black, I live black, and I'ma die probably because I'm black because some cracker that knows I'm black better than you nigga, is probably gonna put a bullet in the back of my head!! Yeah our lives fucked up, no doubt All this shit we go through every day Sometimes a nigga don't know what the fuck to do But see I got my niggas And we gon organize a people army And we gon get control over our own lives And I mean that shit right there from the bottom of my shit I Ching [Verse 1] Yeah, yeah Imagine havin no runnin water to drink Chemicals contaminate the pipes leadin to your sink Just think, if the grocery stores close they doors And they saturate the streets with tanks and start martial law Would you be ready for civil war Could you take the life of somebody you know, or have feelings for if necessary? I got cousins in the military But far as I'm concerned they died, when they registered [Verse 2] Yo, this world is oh so cold, I think about my ancestors Being sold, and it make me wanna break the mold Fuck the gold and the party, train yourself, clean your shottie Tell me what you gon do to get free, we need more than MC's We need Hueys, and revolutionaries The niggas on the streets today, it's kinda scary The smell around my way ain't roses or strawberries In fact it's kinda poisonous, bringin out the boy in us But I'ma stand up on my own, like a man do Dominate the land and make wealth, like Fu-Manchu Yes the peoples army stick togehther like glue We represent the I-Ching, and to this we stand true Military formation, anyone participation is welcome Each one teach one, son help son Just one gun is all it take to get it started Livin in the wilderness of the west we cold hearted HOOK 2X: If you don't think it could happen think again my son Be prepared for the worst that's yet to come We want freedom, prophecies and ancient wisdom Cataclsym, niggas be like fuck the system I don't wanna be no movie star I don't wanna drive no fancy car I just wanna be free, to live my life, to live my own life [Verse 3] Yeah, I'm for peace But I'll kill ya if ya fuck with my moms or my niece See we all want peace, but the problem is Crackers want a bigger piece Got it where the niggas can't get a piece That's why police get stabbed and shot Cuz a nigga can't eat if the ave is hot Locked up you get three hot meals and one cot Then you sit and rot, never even got a fair shot That's where a whole lotta niggas end up My man moms even got sent up, tryin to keep the rent up When I'm bent up I think alot about the reason I'm here I think about the things I fear in the comin years Ahead of me, I'm ready for whatever they bring though I'd go against a tank wit a shank for my dreams And that's my fuckin word One day the whole world will smoke herb And niggas won't get took to jail for hangin on the curb HOOK 2X (next part of hook) HOOK

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