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[Fat Joe] Yo ah! You know who rule this shit City is mine I blaze up like Diddy and Shyne Anybody want beef with the D.O.N Guaranteed it would be O.N I could see your kint Crouched up over in a humble position Praying hard oh my god if he only would listen Somos poco pero locos my trienta ocho a leave you roto The side of your face the size of a plate For hiding the weight you just should of give it My squad bring horror to rap like Wes Craven Any track I spitted on, I shitted on Anybody disagree'n with that we could get it on Keep a fitted on to match the rest of my clothing Got a ill with just the leapardcan showing And he got a pipe in his mouth that's how Like to see the fiend with a pipe in they mouth (nigga) If my bitch a disrespect shot light in the couch Best believe I'm a squeeze this freaking pipe in his mouth I'm the kid that they yapping about they just won't stop Pearl white Cadillac you got it drop Yeah, yeah Crack that how how we got to put down my nigga We got to run neck to neck with these niggas, lets go [Chorus] We run this shit, Terror Squad We run this shit, Terror Squad [Fat Joe] Case closed casket closed But is over for y'all brains splattered on the wall Arms is missing Everything we seek is the truth far from fiction Hope y'all not far from listening Game over up north style pillowcase full of soda I warned y'all ah And I usually don't do that I usually put the tool were your tooth at And introduced you to Jesus to the chrome Three seconds after that is a rap for your dome And I hate to paint a picture so perfect Believe me dog is just for calling the act makes me nervous My soul purpose is to rep for real My no Camazari niggas having the death of mills You slept on Crillz now the kids backs With the fourth fifth griz gat Leave your vision pitched black Yeah, yeah Crack we need to represent nigga We to strong to real for these niggas Lets move [Chorus] We run this shit, Terror Squad We run this shit, Terror Squad

Album mp3 cuvintele Hip-hop descarca ultima melodie cantece. We Run This Sht piesa versuri cantece cuvinte versuri muzica straina Fat Joe cuvinte.

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