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Versuri We All Bleed Red

People divided by color or creed won't unite to fight the powers supreme division & hypocrisy the governmental seed freedom has a price, no, freedom isn't free no longer can we hide in our private prison cells we must socialize to live together well understand, communicate, we're practically the same different style models of the basic human frame. when done and said it's in the head we all bleed red... we all bleed red unite! to find a better way unite! together we'll have a say we gotta fight together we gotta bleed together if need be, die together, together when done and said it's in the head we all bleed red... we all bleed red mosh... Chinese people tinkering with nukes and human rights Pakistan and India, your dots are so alike the fucking English monarchy, just can't bear the sight of their little princess Di impaled on Dodi's might America the melting pot of nationalities Polacks hate the Greeks who hate the Lebanese Christian killing Protestants in the name of Christ Israel and Palestine both think they are right Muslims who hate everyone there's no time for you Buddhist seeking higher grounds wake the fuck up too people are so ignorant, why can't they understand we all bleed red, we're all one man, we all bleed red

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