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Versuri Waxeater

Harry's old man has been away but now he's back - got home today It brings me down to see him here peculiar guy he's kinda queer Harry's mom is really pissed she can't recall when last they kissed she knows he's weird - what he's been doin' Men and women he's been screwin' Harry knew something should be done Harry knew something should be done Harry knew something should be done Harry knew and Harry did it! Weeks ago right after school Harry found dad nude in the pool The maid was there giving him head and Harry wanted to see him dead Harry's dad's a fuckin' ass and... Fuckin' ass waxeatin' bastard Always mean and always plastered Harry hates that kind of shit, but Harry knows what dad'll get Harry's dad fucks dogs and cats and Harry's dad fucks this and that and Harry'd dad fucked Harry's brother but Harry's dad won't fuck Harry's mother Waxeater versuri melodiei cuvinte ultima melodie melodia cuvinte muzica straina piesa. Versuri The Jesus Lizard album muzica.

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