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I'm coming over to you because I wanna see what is left to do that's why I'm coming over to you what is left to do everybody knows just one thing I don't think I will trust you anymore what if I was a bad bad guy what if you were a pretty cool girl now we'll never know unless we try but one thing I'm sure of I won't see you again chorus I feel exhausted tonight cause I've been trying all day to snap you out of your pain but you don't realize that you are the main reason for all the madness which is surrounding your daylight Tell me one more thing can you see me laughing maybe I'm wrong but I didn't get your joke you could've been braver definitely more fun but just one thing I don't think I will trust you anymore chorus I'm coming over to you now listen to what I'm saying just one thing I don't think I will see you again no more I feel so blistful tonight as our two worlds part and I am easy in my thoughts I feel so peaceful tonight cause I'm moving away far away from your wasteland

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