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Versuri Warehouse

See I'm leaving This warehouse frightens me Has me tied up in knots Can't rest for a moment Soon I'm going I'm slipping slow away Hoping to find something better Than I've got inside of here The warehouse slips away Hey reckless mind Don't throw away your playful beginnings You and I will fumble around in the touches And be sure to Leave all the lights on So we can see the black cat changing colors And we can walk under ladders And we can swim as the tide turns you around and around Hey we have found Becoming one in a million Slip into the crowd This question I found in a gap in the sidewalk Keep all your sights on Hey the black cat changing colors And you can walk under ladders And swim as the tide choose to turn you And here I sit Life goes on End of tunnel, TV set Spot in the middle Static fade, statistical bit And soon I'll fade away, I'll fade away This I admit tastes so good Hard to believe an end to it Smell touch feel How could this rhythm ever quit Bags packed on a plane Hopefully to heaven Shut up I'm thinking I had a clue now it's gone forever Sitting over these bones You can read in whatever you're needing to Keep all your sights on Yeah man the black cat changing colors When it's not the colors that matter But that they'll all fade away This I admit Seems so good Hard to believe an end to it Warehouse is bare Nothing at all inside of it The walls and halls have disappeared They disappear My love I love to stay here My love I love to stay here In a corner I was wondering If a change would be better than this And then I worry Maybe things won't be better than they have been Here in the warehouse At the warehouse How I love to stay here At the warehouse Every man and woman Get alive That's our blood down there Seems poured from the hands of angels But trickle into the ground Leaves the warehouse bare and empty And my heart's numbered beat Still echo in this empty room And fear wells in me But nothing seems good enough to defend So I am going away, I'm going away...

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