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Someone's hiding out who can't forget about the things that people do when they're free. Like visitors from space it's hard to find a place to blend in and go unrecognized. I'm waiting for a sign I'm standing on the road with my mind outstretched to you. I'm picking something up I'm letting something go like a dog I'm fetching this to you. Pictures in my mind Row of poppy fields Harmony entwined A changing gear that grinds Pictures in my mind. Pictures in my brain Electrical energy Fighting drugs with pain There's a war inside Pictures in my brain. I'm looking for a job I don't know what I'm doing My software's not compatible with you. But this I can't deny I know that you can fly Cause I'm here on the ground without you. Angel without wings Owner without things Sharpshooter without rings ...around you. The road we used to ride Together side by side Has flowers pushing through the dotted line. ultima melodie Neil Young versurile cantece ultima melodie. Versuri versuri muzica straina cuvintele cuvintele WITHOUT RINGS descarca cuvinte.

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