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(Paul Cotton) I've seen you falling behind your dreams And pictures changing without the scenes Broken stories and borrowed lines Ain't it hard these days To get on your way Well, it's still what you do And it's not so much in what you say And there are people who ride a train Into the city and back again Only to get up in the same old frame Could you reckon with them blues In a world that's win or lose Any fool could see It goes on just the same So many people inside the past Talkin' 'bout these days they're movin' too fast And the future it will not last Everybody has a dream Take the one you can live between 'Cause you're the only one that's left to choose What you want to win or lose Everybody has a dream

Mp3 versuri melodia piesa descarca cuvinte mp3 ultima melodie cuvinte descarca Poco. Versurile muzica straina asculta versuri melodiei WIN OR LOSE.

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