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i checked in a room today up above the downtown market bricks right now a bot gets old a boy gets bitter a boy learns not to trust someone inside his room the door locks tight you keep the door locked months went by and doors got kicked in two outlaws collecting what they loaned in a room beside my walls a girl gets choked she can't pay back the loan 48 more hours to go 48 more hours that's all they say in two more nights i hear a sound a shrill from one thin wall away every place is the same every day is the same every place is the same violent there's a conflicting sound hear the arguments loud everyday, the sounds of the violent violent violent i moved uptown a bit not much changed conflict is never gone but just as a calm sets in a police line barricades a place next door i asked around the lot a store clerk told me two young kids were shot mother was near the tracks dragged to where a train would go past

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