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Lyrics: Ryan Dennis Music: Ryan Dennis/Dan Stadnick © 1998 It's an inside drive to achieve the velocity Don't see no reason for this tauntin' animosity Frontside tailside down an unknown ledge We keep on ridin' along the edge You deny us of a place to ride We got a fire burnin' deep inside You deny us of a place to ride And all we wanna do is get up and ride When you deny us of a place Like a spit in the face We feel like a criminal you want to hide We see no end to when this drive will subside But all we know is that we will not stand aside Walk right through the no skatebaording sign Are you afraid of us having our own piece of mind? Take a good look and remember who we are Give us our place and then we'll go far CHORUS CHORUS

Descarca Serial Joe mp3 Versuri melodiei versurile piesa cuvinte piesa cuvintele Velocity versuri piesa cantece asculta versurile muzica muzica straina.

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