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[Snoop Dogg] I falls off into a party in the N.Y.C. Niggaz lookin at me strange but they lovin my chain Bang bang, same thang, game came when I left em I do it by my lonely now I'm the Big Homie [Slick Rick] But I'm his Royal Slickness, ghetto weakness, come Rick is the one who expose cornball rappers with the quickness Uhh, who bum from and who balls you hung from Wouldn't give a fuck what part of the country you come from [Snoop Dogg] I'm Snoop Dogg, I'm smooth and imperial I wake up every morning to my Lucky Charms cereal Times get drastic, yeah I'm a classic Dogg Pound Gangsta chokin off that Boombastic [Slick Rick] Now put my verse on the first one-beat the herds come So be careful cause my rap will make you eat your words son (Word to God) Scratch I? Who the hardest to match (I) Bright rewrite your still Garbage to Patch [Snoop Dogg] Haven't you heard? I'm loose, shook the Feds like The Juice Snoop Dogg is a hundred-and-twenty-first proof Fool usea deuce-deuce of some Genuine, Draft I'm genuine, like Vinny's whinin all about cash Cash, cash, so indeed I got the weed and keep the lighter for the hash, has it, ever been a time when you didn't have a dime and the only way to get it was to go and do a crime? Chorus: Slick Rick (repeat 2X) Many underclothes hangin on the hoes Since (Snoop, Slick Rick) crushed anyone opposed Lot of ladies - pop Cristal, toast to all those like (Kid Capri) helpin to Unify both coasts [Slick Rick] I'm shredding your temple, none, 'head of the emperor Washed up, gang member? Better remember I wipe my feet upon a rapper like a doormat I hit em -- where they sit around actin hardcore at Thank God for the guardians - in light of this Rappers always beg for me to show them who The Mighty is Gats gonna limp, snaps on a kid that always wanna start rappin (boy they're not gonna win) And wanna dash at lethal or evil Could a King bring style and class to black people? Stick a whole log in and he buggin cause I - represent self, with my man Snoop Dogg and them I drop a pile of semen on em Even in a Yugo I could take they woman from em I make the hardest chew the kewl of this Kid Capri, know the part of peasant, who The Ruler is? Chorus [Snoop Dogg] I'm twenty-six.. still in the mix My hair gettin longer, my game gettin stronger A nigga been on one, I thank God Cause life in the city of stars is gettin hard And it's odd, for a G to get a job so I'd rather steal and rob, and mob with my squad My homie used to bang, now we follow Farrakhan Used to read The Source Now all he read is the Holy Qu'ran Time brings change and change brings time Listen to me hit you with this gangbang rhyme Nigga, whattup, who up, YOU up! Doggy Dogg is on the mic I'm here to fuck it izzzup I give it to y'all, like you really got to have it Dogg Pound Gangstaz, boy this shit is gettin tragic But I'ma make me a grip and dip quick And fuck with my nigga Kid Capri on this G shit Dial tail and bail with my nigga Slick Rick-y And all you niggaz talkin bullshit can just miss me Can't twist me, you fuckin paper haters I'm dippin in my nine-eight gold Navigator I'm dippin like a lo-lo Bouncin, smokin ounces, fo' sho' doe Chorus 1.5X

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