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Versuri Understand Your Man

Don̢۪t call my name out your window, I̢۪m leavin' I won̢۪t even turn my head. Don̢۪t sent your kinfolk to give me no talkin' I̢۪ll be gone, like I said. You̢۪d just say the same old things That you be sayin'all along, Just lay there in your bed and keep your mouth shut, Till I̢۪m gone. Don̢۪t give me that old familiar cry and fuss and moan Understand your man. Now, you can give my other suit to the Salvation Army, And everything else I leave behind -- I ain̢۪t takin'nothin'that̢۪ll slow down my travelin̢۪of your bad-mouthin' Understand your man.

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