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I hear you've got a pocket full of words That you keep in the garage Together with the feather and the fireworks A surftown hero who's got one foot in the garden Where the neon-lighted cocktail glasses bloom And they built you a model airplane Like the one that brought you back to Lindbergh field Now you're counting your change by the streetlights on India "Hey, it's me again, I'm faded...could I please come over?" You can do what you want In umbilical town In a waterfront bar Old gap-toothed Annie was a friend of mine The third time around she was born again She must have burned at least a half-a-million dollars In the little rooms next door to wash-and-fold And there ain't no consolation prize There is no backdoor to innocence Just the wild-eyed faces and names that you've forgotten "Hey, the money's gone, I'm broken, could I please come over?" You can do what you want In umbilical town In that waterfront bar I've been dreaming we were born together I've been thinking about it 'Been lurking backstreets-kicking down alleyways I've been thinking about it How it's always worse than it appears Raskolnikov's out on the stairs Howling at the man in the moon They say he lost control Between the suburbs and the barrio Tired from too much too soon Now the air is thick with compromises We're always on the way So I take comfort in the only life I know Well you can do what you want In umbilical town At the waterfront bar In umbilical town You can do what you want You can do what you want You can do what you want

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