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Versuri TwentyFive Hours A Day

Well it hit me hard was just the other day Had some trouble sleeping something wasn't right I was out of body I was out of mid Like when you love somebody more than all the time So come on baby you know I'm begging you to stay You know I need your lovin' twenty-five hours a day... It's like my life was crashing to a big black hole Like my world was spinning out of my control Then a voice inside said better get in synch Better make your move it's later than you think Believe me baby I know it absurd to say I live and breath your lovin' Twenty-five hours a day Twenty-five hours a day... And when the spirit moves you, You'll come shining through And there won't be nothing, Nothing we can't do Twenty-five hours a day... Believe me baby whatever else may come my way I'm gonna need your lovin' Twenty-five hours a day Twenty-five hours a day...

Album muzica versuri melodiei The Hooters album ultima melodie versurile versuri. Versurile TwentyFive Hours A Day cuvinte muzica straina album melodia.

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