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Versuri Turn The Lights On

I love the way you are Cruisin around like a movie star You play my favourite song I hear your voice When you hum along And I can feel That my love for you is real [Bridge] There's no surprise I wanna dance with you You're the dream come true [Chorus] Turn the lights on You got that certain something Play the music all night long Turn the lights on I gotta tell you one thing You're the one I'm dreamin of The way you more your feet Shake and dance to the groovy beat I've really got say That what you give takes my breath away. In your eyes I see an angel in disguise [Bridge and Chorus] [Chorus and Bridge] [Chorus to fade]

Ultima melodie versuri versuri album melodia. Descarca S Club 8 (S Club Juniors) muzica straina cuvintele asculta descarca mp3 Turn The Lights On cuvintele.

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