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You say, you´ve had partners in bed but you never made love You say, don´t hold back emotions, trust But it´s not easy for me to hold a diamond close Thereæ¯ a little girl inside me that you just donæ° know and she is TREMBLING TREMBLING REMEMBERING THE GLASS RINGS OF YESTERDAY You sigh, Honey, this is not about saying goodbye I cry, I just can´t believe youç½e arrived And it´s not like me to throw caution with the wind There´s a frightened soul inside of me that never wins and she is... TREMBLING TREMBLING REMEMBERING THE GLASS RINGS OF YESTERDAY I say, life without you with me ain´t my style And I pray that everything we wish for stays divine So just help me when I´m walking in dressed in white And promise me that you´ll forever hold me tight, so I´m not... TREMBLING TREMBLING REMEMBERING THE GLASS RINGS OF YESTERDAY

Versuri cantece descarca album cuvinte. Versuri Jennifer Brown descarca Trembling mp3 album cuvinte mp3 muzica muzica muzica straina cantece.

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