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Total eclipse chaos We are the infants of the disinheritance The futile future invisible people Invincible with a trans-lucid heart Inviolable total eclipse chaos The translucent nomads Sparkle to nothingness Trample of their naked feet The burning desert grain of sand The translucent nomads Forever resister Against the multitude, ashen and devotee, Crystallized, incandescent, The invincible, retaliate upon my alike, Statuettes of opal... The last man to thank banished scapegoat Homeless' traveller The orphaned... requited to joy Cervus statuette of will and egoism Which human' scorpion nature Has completely deformed ...Reduced to nothingness Total eclipse chaos The translucent nomads Invincible with trans-lucid heart Inviolable, total eclipse

Versuri melodiei mp3 Misanthrope muzica straina versuri Total Eclipse Chaos. Album cuvintele descarca album cantece muzica

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