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walking, the ebony all is lost will we be free breaking into a realm eternity, all condemned faceless, they disappear no one, will nothing hear darkness, forever free we'll come back, the end we'll see now, feel, war coming, home again from the war lost many friends day in, day out we saw cruelty without a law waking up every night see their faces an endless fight brutality, in my head cnsciousness, will we be mad now, feel, war now I see the agony in their eyes forever listening to the painful helpless cries fallen ones, will they be released from their fault, endless hypocrisy get their lifes born to die i will see true agony torment, my eyes will see gateway into reality torment, my eyes will see gateway into reality torment torment torment torment

My Darkest Hate muzica album descarca Torment album muzica. Cuvintele versuri versuri cuvinte cantece cuvintele muzica straina cantece.

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